What to Expect From Caribbean Escort Girls

Young beautiful smiling woman with red hair in blue and pink swimsuit is sitting on the beach of caribbean sea with at sunset

Sex tourism is on the rise, as sexually-charged tourists travel around the world to fulfill their desires. Some escort services have even capitalized on this trend by making money by providing sex services for holidaymakers.

The Caribbean is a popular destination for sex tourism, drawing in visitors from around the world to fulfill their desires. But if you want to remain safe and avoid getting into any uncomfortable situations while on vacation in this region, it’s essential that you understand what can be expected from your vacation there.

Legal Prostitution and Sex Trafficking

In most Caribbean countries, brothels are strictly regulated and operated by sex workers themselves. These workers receive payment directly from their clients – many of whom have little knowledge or experience with prostitution and may easily become duped into engaging in illegal activities.

Although these brothels are unregulated, the men who work there can still make a lucrative living. In some cases, employees can earn up to US$350,000 per year!

Male-led sex tourism is an increasingly popular trend worldwide, and the Bahamas have certainly contributed to this growing industry. With their relaxed attitude toward sexual activities, The Bahamas attracts many travellers looking for some fun on the inside.

Female sex tourism is an emerging niche within the industry, particularly popular in the Caribbean. Compared to their male counterparts, female sex travellers seek deeper connections and romance rather than simply physical pleasure.

These establishments typically employ inexperienced, untrained or uneducated sex workers from impoverished backgrounds with little formal education and a history of troubled home life. Unfortunately, many of these workers lack even basic life necessities like clothing and toiletries.

These sex workers can be found throughout the Caribbean, from West Africa to regions like Dominican Republic and Bahamas. They’re commonly referred to as ‘bumsters’, ‘rastitutes’ or ‘beach boys’ and often charge fees that are less than half of what would be charged in a traditional brothel.

Estimates suggest the Caribbean has more than 10,000 female sex workers, who are becoming increasingly popular with tourists. In some places, you can even find women willing to provide free sexual services!

Jamaica has seen an explosion in sex tourism, particularly around Kingston. Women can often be seen soliciting visitors for sexual acts at hotels and massage parlours during their vacation on the island. With profits so high, it has become accepted as part of society without much public scrutiny anymore.