Top 5 Most Popular Places for a First Date

Young attractive couple on date in coffee shop, first kiss, enjoying the time spent with each other. Shot through window reflecting city buildings.

When planning a first date, there are many elements to take into account. You want to ensure both of you feel safe, comfortable and that both of you enjoy each other’s company. Furthermore, getting to know someone through their initial date can be an integral step in developing a relationship and can form part of the overall dating journey.

Coffee Is the Most Popular Choice for a First Date

Coffee is often used as the first-date option when feeling nervous about meeting someone new. A recent survey conducted by dating app Clover revealed that more people chose Starbucks than any other chain restaurant when looking for their first dates – with Chipotle coming in close behind at second.

If you’re looking for something more adventurous on your first date, it may be worth exploring other options. According to experts, there are plenty of great spots around town that provide a fun experience without breaking the bank.

1. Visit a Botanic Garden

For something more adventurous, why not venture out into nature on your first date? A botanical garden is an excellent opportunity to connect with nature and get to know your date better.

2. Explore a museum

A visit to your local museum is another excellent idea for your first date, as it allows you to get to know more about your date’s interests and likes. Plus, many museums feature exhibits about interesting places and people which could spark some lively discussions.

3. Attend a Live Concert

Attending a live music concert with your date can be an entertaining way to spend quality time and get to know each other better. You’ll get to hear all of their favorite songs, allowing you to share in their love for music. 3. Plan an activity around it
Going on an adventure together in nature or taking your date on vacation also adds value!

4. Plan a picnic

A picnic is the perfect way to bring nature into your first date and foster bonding between you and your significant other. Not only will it make the environment more picturesque, but you can even cook up some delectable snacks to bring along for added enjoyment! With picnicking at an outdoor venue, your date will feel extra special, making it extra memorable.

5. Volunteer at an animal shelter

For animal lovers, volunteering at an animal shelter makes for a great first date idea. Not only will it help you connect with your date in new ways, but it also gives them the chance to observe how they care for the animals they are caring for. This type of experience provides valuable insights into their character.

6. Book a Stand-Up Show

A comedy show is another excellent option for your first date. According to Amy Rose of The Dating Coach in New York City, it will help break the ice and get to know your date’s sense of humor.

7. Swing Dance Classes

Swing dancing with your date is an excellent way to get to know them better and see if they’re on the same level as you are. Additionally, taking a swing dance class allows for some lighthearted fun without taking itself too seriously. It will give you valuable insights into their personality traits too!